Randi Shade has been making news for decades! Here are some great press clips from the campaign trail, her first term in office, and her life before serving on City Council!

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News Coverage Of Randi's 2011 Campaign

"Shade gets progressive coalition endorsement"
In Fact Daily, March 28, 2011
Shade told In Fact Daily that she was excited that "people are starting to focus on the election and the distinctions between me and my opponents." She added that "every vote is going to count in this race" and that she is going to "need all of the support that I can get." [read more]

"Public safety unions endorse Shade, Morrison, Riley"
Austin American-Statesman, March 10, 2011

Union representatives said the three have track records of being committed to quality police, firefighter and paramedic services, and are always willing to listen. “We can go to them and they listen to our issues and consider them thoughtfully,” said Bob Nicks of the Austin Firefighters Association. [read more]


In Fact Daily, January 14, 2011

"I am especially humbled by the fact that so many on my donor list aren't people who typically contribute to City Council races. I don't have the ability to write myself a big check and forgo fundraising from fellow citizens, so this support I have gotten early is critical." [read more]

"The Daily Hustle: 1/12/11"
The Austin Chronicle, January 12, 2011

“Too often, Austin is divided. We think of things as the environmental community and the business community, old Austin and new Austin, and the east and the west. Really, what I learned is we have a whole lot more in common than what divides us.” [read more]

"And the Race Begins..."
The Austin Chronicle, November 19, 2010

Randi Shade also wasted no time announcing her intentions: Her Place 3 re-election campaign will be managed by Katherine Haenschen, who helmed Riley's 2009 campaign as well as the Travis County Dems' 2010 coordinated campaign (you know, the lonely blue island). [Susan] Harry will also serve as Shade's fundraising guru. [read more]

"Austin City Council Members Announce Re-Election Bids"

KUT News, November 15, 2010

[Shade] added, "This is everybody's Austin. I have the ability and willingness to help people from all parts of our community, regardless of the issue and regardless of the politics. I am running for re-election to continue to work hard to make Austin the best place it can be."[read more]

News Coverage Of Randi's First Term

"Emails show contrasting sides of council member"

Austin American-Statesman, March 16, 2011
Shade often appears in the e-mails to think strategically, weighing how to approach or sell an idea and how the council's actions will look. She writes Leffingwell in April that she wants to delve into how much the city spends hiring outside consultants, saying she's concerned city staffers suggest that option to cover their tracks in case something goes wrong. [read more]

"Austin council members explore ways to help school district"
Austin American-Statesman, February 16, 2011
As real estate prices increased in popular Central Austin and near South Austin neighborhoods, the number of families with children living in them has declined, Williams said. That has led to fewer children living near schools such as Barton Hills and Zilker elementaries, which were on a list of schools identified for possible closure.
Cole and Council Member Randi Shade said city land-use policies should be crafted with an eye toward encouraging housing near schools in the urban core that families can afford. [read more]

"New conservation plan would further restrict lawn watering"
Austin American-Statesman, January 27, 2011
The activists argued that Austin would not have enough money to invest in conservation efforts if it built the $500 million-plus treatment plant. Leffingwell and Council Member Randi Shade, the swing vote, were among those who argued building the plant would not discourage Austin's conservation efforts. "I do think it's evident we have to do both," Shade said Thursday. [read more]

"City to throw scaled-back New Year's Eve party"
Austin American-Statesman
, December 4, 2010
"This community has come together, and I have no doubt that this will be one of the best holiday seasons this community has ever seen," Council Member Randi Shade said. [read more]

"Report gives options for controlling deer in Northwest Hills"
Austin American-Statesman
, November 17, 2010
Shade called the sharpshooters option premature. "I'm glad the staff is considering a range of options, but I will reserve judgment until I receive a firm recommendation from staff and from the Northwest Hills community," she said. [read more]

"Austin ADL Instrumental in Hate Crimes Initiative"
Anti-Defamation League
, November 16, 2010
"The City of Austin is fortunate to have the Austin ADL's expertise, support and leadership as we implement a multi-pronged approach to addressing hate crimes," [Shade] said. [read more]

"Final vote coming on water treatment plant"
Austin American-Statesman
, November 10, 2010
This vote "will allow us to do the project more efficiently," said Council Member Randi Shade, who is among those who say the treatment plant is necessary to meet Austin's future water needs. "But this will still be a contentious issue, and I think there will be arguments over it for a while." [read more]

"SXSW brings $113 million to Austin economy"
News8 Austin
, November 8, 2010
"It's just great energy. It's great for spawning the creativity, the convergence of technology, music and film. Stuff that this city is so well-known for," City council member Randi Shade said. [read more]

"Nonprofits' collective power getting them heard"
Austin American-Statesman
, October 8, 2010
"I think One Voice has had an important role in how the city has made those decisions," Shade said. "Nonprofits do some of the most important work in this community. They're a really important voice." [read more]

"Plan to change social services contract process gets Council approval"
In Fact Daily, October 1, 2010
For Council Member Randi Shade, the now-approved changes represent a substantial positive change. “Bottom line is that, after more than a decade of status quo funding for our Health and Human Services contracts, this is an opportunity for us to open up the process to allow all of our current contractors to write proposals that match what they might be interested in doing today, (to) what our city's priorities are,” she said. Shade is chair of the City Council committee that recommended the changes. [read more]

"City to consider limiting homes designated as historic"

Austin American-Statesman
, May 21, 2010
"The program we have now is not sustainable over the long term because it erodes our tax base," Shade said. [read more]

"Council approves $500,000 for Hanger Orthopedic Group"
News8 Austin
, January 28, 2010
"We have a very narrowly defined performance-based contract. The city doesn't pay unless the company performs according to the contract," Shade said. [read more]

"Parade shows gay community's pride"
Austin American-Statesman
, June 6, 2010
"This is everybody's Austin and it's great to see everybody out and proud," Shade said. [read more]

"Shade: City deserves more collaboration, less choosing of sides"
Austin American-Statesman
, November 3, 2009
Our future depends on a strong environmental voice from an economic, quality-of-life and security perspective. Concerns about global climate change and environmental sustainability affect decisions at all levels of government and in every business segment. [read more]

"City moves to extend COBRA-type benefits to domestic partners"
In Fact Daily
, November 3, 2009
“I am very pleased that the City of Austin continues to find ways to treat all of our employees and their families with equality and respect,” [Shade] said. “An extra thank you to our new HR Director Mark Washington and to Marc Ott for working to make sure we can once again lead Texas cities in progressive personnel policies.” [read more]

"A perfectly reasonable strategy in Austin"

Austin American-Statesman
, November 3, 2009
While Shade's vote may not have pleased plant opponents, she listened respectfully and advocated that both sides get plenty of time to build a case. "Reasonable people can disagree," Shade said repeatedly. The obvious implication was that reasonable people disagree reasonably. [read more]

"Austin City Council approves solar rooftop"
The Daily Texan, September 28, 2009
"Conserving energy is still the most cost-effective way to manage our energy supply," Shade said. "Conservation is a key part of the matrix."

"Austin City Council to vote on 2010 Budget Monday"
News8 Austin
, September 13, 2009
My priorities have always been, from the time I was a candidate, to be focused on public safety and the social services, parks and the kind of basic needs people can count on," Shade said. [read more]

"Green groups roll out agenda"
Austin American-Statesman, June 29, 2009
"The devil is in the details, but many of these priorities are priorities for me," Council Member Randi Shade said. [read more]

"Shade posts calendar online, as promised"
Austin American-Statesman
, February 13, 2009
“It’s a reporting tool,” she said. “It’s not the fanciest thing, but it’s something I wanted to do to fulfill that promise is a cost-effective manner.” [read more]

"Wildflower Commons"

The Austin Chronicle, February 13, 2009
“This is a bigger victory than you think,” said Council Member Randi Shade, when she stepped out into the atrium minutes later to soothe the crowd. [Council] put the onus on the developer to come back in six months with an improved project – which, now, must conform to the city’s new, tougher PUD ordinance. [read more]

"The Pecan Street Project"
The Austin Chronicle, October 3, 2008
Joining McCracken in sponsoring the council resolution were Randi Shade and Laura Morrison, the other members of the Coun­cil Committee for Emerging Tech­no­lo­gies and Telecommunications. "At this point, it's too early to say how this would shape up, but the ultimate goal would be to create something like Sematech," observed Shade, who was involved with the 2001 launch of the Austin Clean Energy Initiative. [read more]

News From Randi's Career Before Council

View articles about Randi's career before Council in our press archives.


  • "Randi is honest, courageous, fun loving, tenacious, focused, and passionate about our great city!"
    - Clarke Hammond
  • "Randi has shown the willingness to take difficult stands when it was the right thing to do but perhaps not the popular thing to do."
    - Wes Peoples
  • "Randi genuinely cares about the health of Austin and responsible growth of our beloved city. They don't come any better than Randi. "
    - Brandon Chicotsky
  • "Randi is an innovative, progressive leader who thinks straight and 'calls 'em as she sees them. She's visionary and pragmatic, great skills that we need!"
    - Sandy Dochen
  • "She's awesome and will do her best to do the right thing!"
    - Aruni Gunasegaram
  • "She's a common-sense problem-solver, a consensus builder, and a principled decision-maker"
    - Mark Strama
  • "Randi is both practical and visionary with the common-sense leadership we need"
    - Phillip Schmandt
  • "Randi is there when you need her and is always working to make Austin the best city in Texas. She leads by example and is fair-minded and thoughtful."
    - John Kerrigan
  • "Randi listens to all sides of an issue."
    - Alice Glasco
  • "Randi has been very supportive to Austin Parks and Open Space initiatives. "
    - Dale Glover
  • "Randi is the best person for the job with her thoughtful and analytical approach to each issue."
    - Trisa Thompson
  • "Randi is a great visionary, great people's advocate, and great for Austin!"
    - Gary & Shelley Solka
  • "She's smart, she's fair, she's just darn good!"
    - Mary Arnett
  • "I believe she is the best person for the job."
    - Karen Garb Zimmermann
  • "She has done an outstanding job as a council member. She truly cares about the community. Randi brings a great perspective to the council."
    - Ken Saunders
  • "Randi makes sound decisions."
    - Dave Sullivan
  • "Randi is thoughtful, smart, sensible and willing tackle tough isues. "
    - Thomas Meredith
  • "I trust her!"
    - Teresa Perez-Wiseley
  • "Randi bridges so many diverse Austin constituencies"
    - Eugene Sepulveda
  • "One of the most caring and intelligent public officials I know."
    - Steve Taylor
  • "Randi is a straight-thinking consensus-builder that is gridlock's worst enemy."
    - Mark Aitala
  • "She is most responsive to community needs."
    - Eliezer Langer
  • "Randi is fair, brainy, credible, and effecctive."
    - Ted Whatley
  • "Randi is doing a great job! She's an important voice to have on the Council at this critical time for our city."
    - Alison Unger
  • "She loves and cares deeply for our great city, and she has proven she has the drive and smarts to find solutions to our problems."
    - Adam Goldman
  • "I support her thoughtful approach to governing."
    - Pamela Corn
  • "She uses fairness and common sense as her guiding principles."
    - Douglas Plummer
  • "Randi listens to all points of view, posesses a good analysis of data, and has our city's best interest in mind."
    - Greg Bourgeois
  • "I'm supporting Randi because of her integrity, leadership, commitment and positive attitude."
    - Christopher Bjornson
  • "She is a solid, steady voice on the issues facing Austin."
    - Elyse Yates
  • "She is a great leader and has been an excellent council member."
    - John M. Joseph
  • "She collaborates, listens, and thinks important issues through."
    - Diane Beckham
  • "Randi is good for Austin!"
    - Deb Bauer
  • "Randi is doing a great job!"
    - Hani Michel
  • "Since serving on the Austin City Council, Randi has proven to be a knowledgeable and visionary leader. She actively listens to individual, family and organizational concerns and is dedicated to improving the qualilty of life for those living in Austin."
    - Chip Howe
  • "She's got such a great grasp on the issues, knows how to get things done and is straightforward, has a lot of integrity and takes a stand for what she believes in, not what is not necessarily politically correct."
    - M P Mueller
  • "She continues to make a difference in Austin"
    - Suzanne Newberg
  • "She is one of the most thoughful Council members I have had the pleasure to work with."
    - Marshall Jones
  • "I know Randi, her beliefs, and her temperament. We need leaders who are more like her, who are focused on results. She has proven she wants to move Austin forward."
    - Jennifer Goldman
  • "Randi is the epitome of a true leader -- she makes a positive impact with measureable results!"
    - Beth Tracy
  • "Randi's voting record and political career have proven her commitment to serving the best interests of Austin citizens and businesses."
    - Tim League
  • "Randi is smart, ethical and knows how to get things done!"
    - Selisse Berry
  • "Randi understands Austin and its needs as a growing city!"
    - Mario Espinoza
  • "She's worked very hard to this point, and I know she'll continue helping the people of Austin."
    - Ben Googins
  • "I like her gutsiness!"
    - Julia Harrod
  • "Randi is a committed leader with business sense and an Austin state of mind"
    - Bobbie Barker
  • "Randi is a great businesswoman and great person, with true concern for the community."
    - Andy Greff
  • "She shows rational decision-making abilities and a sincere interest in Austin's citizens and responsible growth, overall."
    - Amelia Lopez
  • "Austin is facing rapid growth. We need leaders like Randi who can grasp the big picture and act decisively for the good of the whole community. "
    - Forrest Preece
  • "She has served our community with dignity and heart."
    - Todd Kogut
  • "Randi has been a constructive team member on Council."
    - Glenn Gadbois
  • "Randi exhibits excellent judgment on issues."
    - Richard Hatfield
  • "She's in touch, passionate, smart and knows how to make it work, all with a great sense of humor!"
    - Marion Cimbala
  • "She is, always and has been the most amazing, generous, kindest and deserving person I have ever been blessed to know. "
    - Linda Kutler
  • "Randi is visible, outspoken, and productive on issues that matter to me."
    - Evan Olsen
  • "She gets things done for the good of the community."
    - Adi Wilk
  • "This is an endorsement 1"
    - Name 1

    "This is an endorsement 2"
    - Name 2

    "This is an endorsement 3"
    - Name 3

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