We all know that Austin values sustainability highly. Over the past decades we’ve formed a consensus in favor of environmental stewardship. And I’m part of that consensus. I haven’t just supported Austin’s environmental efforts; I’ve led the way on major initiatives to make Austin a model for clean energy and green technology.

But I’m also committed to making sure those efforts are balanced. I take the time to get the facts, keep an open mind, listen to all kinds of Austinites and advocate policies that address all the community’s concerns. One of the concerns I’ve heard over and over again is affordability. Citizens want their leaders to know and remember the importance of the bottom line — that our economic health, as individuals and as a community, is part of what it means to be sustainable.

My opponent and her supporters want you to believe that I’m the “anti-environment” candidate in this race. This is clearly not the case. Here are just some of the major initiatives where I’ve helped Austin achieve its community goals:

•  Increasing Austin Energy’s use of wind and solar while limiting future utility rate increases.
•  Expanding Austin’s water conservation efforts while securing a safe, reliable supply of drinking water for the next generation.
•  Helping to found and lead the Austin Clean Energy Initiative and the innovative Pecan Street Project, putting Austin at the forefront of smart-grid technology.
•  Leading on negotiation for single-stream recycling contracts with local companies that employ hundreds of Austinites and meet our environmental goals while securing the best price for the city and its customers.
•  Recruiting green jobs to Austin and building this important emerging sector of our economy.
•  Streamlining the process to make it easier for Austin Energy customers to invest in solar and other green technologies for their homes and businesses.
•  Backing programs that help low-income homeowners fix up their homes and reduce their water and energy use and costs.
•  Strengthening Austin’s watershed protection rules to safeguard both our drinking water supplies and the creeks and streams on the East Side.

I’ve sought to deliver a balanced approach to policy that responds to the concerns of the whole community. I’m not interested in letting a handful of activists dictate the city’s policies — especially when those choices hit Austin families and businesses right in the wallet.

Those activists are supporting my opponent in this race. That’s one reason I’m worried about what my opponent would do if she were on the council. It’s easy to make decisions when you don’t take time to get the facts and listen to all sides, and it’s easy to be swayed by those who shout the loudest. It’s much harder to keep an open mind and make the best decisions for everyone in Austin. I’m proud of my record on energy and environmental issues, and I want to make sure Austin continues to take a truly sustainable, balanced approach.

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