In my time on the City Council, I've seen over and over and over again how much Austinites care about public safety. We are fortunate to live in one of America's safest large cities, and people want to keep it that way. I've consistently voted, led and supported efforts to maintain the performance and integrity of our police, fire and EMS departments.

Austin's enviable safety record doesn't happen by accident. It takes money and the hard work of thousands of police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and support staff. I'm proud to have the support of the professional organizations representing those employees. I've endeavored to make decisions that give them the resources they need and help them do the best jobs possible.

It's true that we have to carefully manage our resources and make sure we're getting the most for our public safety dollars. We can do that by listening to the people who know best -- the professionals who keep Austin safe -- and translating their best ideas into action to benefit the city. That approach has earned me their support even though I have not always sided with them on specific issues. It's the same approach I've taken across the board - getting the facts, keeping an open mind, and aiming to do the right thing.

Some of the efforts I've championed to keep Austin safe include:

  • Securing funding for an EMS demand unit to help reduce peak-hour response times.
  • Promoting a program that directs non-emergency 911 calls to community service providers, allowing EMTs to focus on medical emergencies.
  • Supporting four-person firefighter staffing to make sure all of Austin -- including our growing central core -- has adequate coverage.
  • Casting the critical vote to build Water Treatment Plant 4, which not only secures our future drinking water but also means we'll have sufficient water supply and pressure for firefighting in North and East Austin -- including neighborhoods at risk of major wildfires.
  • Maintaining police staffing levels -- including keeping cadet classes on schedule so that our force continues to grow with Austin.
Austin's public safety employees are worried -- and I am, too -- about what my opponent would do if she were on the council. She's expressed skepticism during this campaign about Austin's investments in public safety, and the activists who back her are even more critical. She even stated on one of her questionnaires that "public safety is limiting the ability of the city to deliver other services." I know first-hand how out-of-touch these sentiments are with what most Austinites believe.

But it's easy to make decisions when you don't take time to get the facts and listen to all sides, and it's easy to be swayed by those who shout the loudest. It's much harder to keep an open mind and make the best decisions for everyone in Austin. Our city should be proud of its commitment to public safety, and I'm proud to have done my part to keep Austin safe.

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